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About Wayne ...

Wayne Howarth is a British artist based in North West England. Graduating from Liverpool Polytechnic in 1979, he became a successful Interior Designer, working all over Great Britain, for many high profile clients.

In 2009 he took the decision to focus his time by returning to his first true love - drawing. Working mainly in pencil and acrylic, with an embellishment of gold leaf, he gains inspiration from his former career by combining his images with a strong influence of surface pattern taken from textiles, wall and floor coverings

"I like to think of my style as an impressionistic form of photo realism, capturing elements of photography/cinematography such as depth field and close cropping images. I love the use of negative space in my work. Usually, but not always, background colours come first, then the foreground image. I work mainly in pencil for the main image - acrylics, watercolour and sometimes gold or copper leaf for the background."

Wayne is the son of the influential British Comic Book artist Walt Howarth (1928-2008)


    As seen in Juturna male art magazine- anniversary edition & Noisy rain magazine